About CLIO Lab

CLIO Lab understands the importance of drug testing as a relevant piece in patient care when partnering with treatment centers. Through quantitative drug testing, CLIO reports the exact levels of drugs in a patients system which allows treatment providers to make decisions which improve outcomes for substance abuse patients. It is very important that results are delivered in a timely manner. With our rapid turnaround time, accuracy, extensive drug testing menu which includes anti-depressants and other psychiatric medications, we protect the patient from unneeded heartache, treatment adjustments, or even program discharge due to false point of collection results.

We have made the treatment industry our priority at CLIO Lab. We are committed to our role and work every day to make a difference. With the evolving designer drug industry we make it a priority to stay in the forefront of research. CLIO Lab has an extensive synthetic and designer test offering, not many labs can compare to what we can offer for treatment specific testing.

CLIO Lab utilizes liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) testing techniques, this is considered the gold standard in the industry. The Gold standard combined with utilization of one of the most advanced laboratory information management systems (LIMS) generates test result reports with the highest accuracy. Our reports are customized and easy-to-read. We are committed to the highest analytical standard in the industry with rapid turnaround time which allows for quick decisions about treatment.

Our methods and testing procedures are based on scientific facts and values produced by our laboratory in which extensive research and data analysis is collected and measured. Our testing procedures are what set us apart from other labs. CLIO Lab prides itself in providing more to our clients than our competitors.

Our goal is to help substance abuse treatment providers provide the best care to individuals seeking treatment. We are committed to providing accuracy, the fastest turnaround time, and most extensive treatment appropriate drug testing menu in the industry.